Historic Shaver Lake Village Hotel

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Historic Shaver Lake Village Hotel,formerly known as Eckert’s Lodge, has a long history as a destination for visiting tourist ans seasonal employees of the Shaver Lake area. Originally built in the 1930s by Charlie and Eloise Eckert, it was considered the best place to enjoy good food and spirits with the restaurant and tavern. And for those that needed lodging, 23 small cozy cabins were nestled in and around the nearly 3 acres inviting a peaceful and tranquil night’s rest.Sometime later, a fire broke out on the property destroying 20 of the original 23 cabins along with the restaurant and bar. While Charlie and Eloise were heartbroken by this unexpected tragedy and financially drained, the small community of Shaver Lake came together and showed the Eckert’s their appreciation by convincing them to re-build, offering their labor as a token of appreciation. Other local proprietors such as the Bretz boys who owned a nearby mill dropped off lumber and building supplies and the Harshman’s who owned the neighboring general store and post office called The Trading Post gave food and liquor to them so they could continue operating their business while under construction. Before long, a new restaurant and tavern were built and the remaining three cabins were housing guests again. Even busier and better than before and known far and wide for their T-bone steak dinner. A dance hall was built next door to entertain the fun seeking clientele of Eckert’s Lodge.In 1940, additional lodging was added which included 8 inviting and cozy rooms located in what is known now as the Shaver Lake Village Hotel. Today these comfortable and quaint rooms offer reminiscences of the logging days and showcase antiques and decor that have been handed down by locals. The rustic feel of the original remaining cabins and the hotel offer visitors a glimpse into the past with true craftsmanship in buildings of that era. Crafted furniture and rock wall designs are a reflection of the local talent. As you walk along the long hallway of the hotel and view the old photos lining the walls, you can imagine yourself back in the day when shared camaraderie was so much a part of that time.Another treat awaits those that venture out and stroll around the property. You’ll find old relics from that period such as the large black boiler that was used to heat water which in turn ran through pipes laid under the parking lot and melted the accumulating snow. Many still remember a well known local named Kenny Fudge whose after-school job would be to join old man Eckert in loading the boiler with sawdust gathered from the mill adjacent to the property. One of the more intriguing relics along the lot line is remnants of a ski tow that was used to transport skiers to the top of the property line and allow them to ski a short distance to the base of the lot. You can still see the top and bottom pulley mechanisms. It wasn’t much of a trip, but no doubt the trip to the top had to have been pretty gripping.

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