News From The Chair – November 2013

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Members and Friends:

Our organization has achieved extraordinary success far beyond our imagination of just five years ago.  We all of course wanted to see a successful museum but what we have accomplished is very invigorating and satisfying.  While the obvious large successes such as the Redinger Powerhouse lead the way, it is the small steps of education and exhibits that are ultimately the reason for the public visiting, enjoying and supporting the programs.

We have reached a significant plateau in our growth and timeline and must now revisit our mission and how we are to achieve our future.  Fundraising is always the necessary backbone of a donor supported private non-profit community benefit organization.  In addition, as a small community that is outside of the travel ways it is difficult to take the giant steps needed to become a recognized and viable point of interest.

We of the Shaver Lake area and larger central Sierra and central valley region have a tremendous story to tell.  We represent every natural resource use that has occurred around our nation.  We can demonstrate our history as a representation of how and how not to use our resources.  While history is our story, the future is predicated on learning from that history.

Our future is in telling that story, for future generations.  As can be seen in the articles of this newsletter we are off and running in accomplishing the vision, mission, and objectives, of our Society.  The Board of Directors has committed to advance on to the next plateau. Let us continue.

Thanks to everyone.

John R. Mount, President

Board of Directors

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